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Precision Drug Delivery

A precision ultrasound drug delivery device with a digital companion app delivering a personalized medication adherence program.

Combining traditional treatment with the support of a configurable digital platform provides a high-quality individualized healthcare system that can offer drug therapies, behavioral change, counselling, and continuous monitoring.

Focused Ultrasound Technology for Drug Delivery - The Less Explored Avenue with Life-Changing Potential

Ultrasound-targeted drug delivery offers a powerful approach to increase delivery, therapeutic efficacy, and temporal release of drugs ranging from chemotherapeutics to antibiotics. The use of ultrasound can focus on increasing tissue sensitivity to the drug or be a critical component of the drug delivery.

The delivery of drugs through oral and parenteral routes has enjoyed long success but it is often apparent that a controlled delivery of drugs, either localized to a specific site or during a specific time, can increase efficacy and bypass problems with systemic toxicity.

AAT’s core technology can provide precision ultrasound without reduced penetration due to in-house developed algorithm and feedback loop mechanism, thus resulting in increased accuracy, reliability, and efficacy.

Acoustic Energy Transfer

There are several established technologies for the contactless transmission of energy. A relatively new method is Acoustic Energy Transfer (AET), which uses sound waves to propagate energy without relying on electrical contact.

The basic structure of an AET system is a transmitting transducer that converts electrical energy into a pressure wave that propagates through a medium. A receiving transducer is positioned at a point along the path of the sound wave for the inverse process of converting the motion caused by the sound wave into electrical energy. A rectifier and a capacitor provide a usable steady dc voltage that drives a load.

The medium can be anything ranging from air to human tissue or a solid wall; in principle, any material that will propagate a pressure wave.

AET is being explored for biomedical applications, where it is used to charge implants. Batteries make up for the largest part of the implant dimensions. Wireless energy transfer is proposed to reduce the size of the batteries while rendering recharging a less invasive procedure. 

Due to our in-house designed and developed microchip, initial prototypes show the potential to increase the efficiency of the energy transfer, whilst optimizing the frequency.

Evaluation Board – Programmable Solutions

Our Evaluation Board can be used to customize, configure and control any ultrasonic setup by monitoring the performance of the resulting ultrasonic activity. Combined with its patented PMIC and feedback algorithm, it can drive an ultrasound transducer with maximum efficiency.

What separates us from most other semiconductor companies is our ability to design and manufacture its microchips in-house, with the support of our sister company, Global Foundries.

We have made significant capital and R&D investments into our integrated manufacturing network. Our investment enables us to have more direct control over its design, development, manufacturing processes, quality control, product costs, production timing, performance, power consumption, and manufacturing yield.

The Evaluation Board can be used for a broad range of products or systems that use Focused Ultrasound, allowing them to operate with increased control over frequency, increased intensity and pulse width of the ultrasound beam and constant feedback of power consumption by the transducer with tools to manipulate the beam as desired.